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June 13-16 2024|Four Quarters Farm|Artemas, PA

In a world that has veered away from the roots that once grounded us, our gathering serves as a beacon of hope and a reminder of the enduring wisdom of our ancestors. With a rich tapestry of workshops, discussions, drumming, dance, and hands-on experiences, we invite you to rekindle a connection to the knowledge of those who came before us and to learn skills to help yourself and future generations. 

This event is more than a celebration; it's a pivotal step towards embracing a lifestyle where sustainability, community sufficiency, and a deep respect for community are at the forefront. 
All children under 16 attend for free.

Let's remember how to build a future where we live in harmony with the planet, nurturing skills and stewardship that ensure a thriving world for generations to come.

Join us to learn, share, swim, feast, and celebrate the abundance around us. 

Welcome to the Earth Skills Revival, a vibrant gathering focused on passing on the knowledge
of our ancestors, giving us tools to live responsibly
with one another and the abundance of the land.

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Women Weaving Baskets
A harmony of folkcraft, bushcraft, homesteading, music, and earth stewardship. 
Reconnect with the land, learn invaluable skills, and adopt a lifestyle of self-sufficiency and sustainability.
June 13-16, 2024
Artemas, PA
Using Tools To Dig Ditches
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Join us for a unique opportunity to learn from experienced homesteaders, craftsmen, musicians, herbalists, regenerative agriculture experts, and more.  Our instructors are passionate about sharing their knowledge and skills with you. 

Our Growing Workshop List Includes:

-Dyeing With Plants 
-Spinning Yarn
-Herbalism For Beginners
-Making & Using Tallow
-Egg Basket Weaving
-Water Procurement

-Nature Camouflaging for Kids

-Coal Burned Spoon Carving
-Forest Gardening
-Bow Drill Making & Friction Fire

-Fire Building & Safety for Families

-Subsistence Gardening


-Drum Repair Class

-Cowbell Instrument 101

-Holistic Forestry

-Megalith Moving

-Visual Tracking 
-Making Natural Cordage

-Sweat Lodge Ceremony

-Hand Dipped Candles
-Making Bone Tools


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Four Quarter's Interfaith Sanctuary
Four Quarters Farm
190 Walker Lane
Artemas, PA 

Holland Hook

Earth Skills Revival


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