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Meet Our Presenters


Madison Hale

Madison Hale is a farmer, artist, and naturalist. She currently manages Shepherd University’s Tabler Farm and is pursuing her own subsistence farmstead with her partner. Her focus is on regenerative farming practices, permaculture philosophy, and wild foodways. She is passionate about cyclical/seasonal living, local food systems, and building sustainable communities. 

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Heather Cornelius

Heather has been passionate about fiber arts for two decades, teaching all ages for the last 10 years. Natural dyeing with plants she grows and forages marries her love of fiber arts and her botanical interests. Handspinning raw wool aquired from the local fibershed is one of her favorite expressions of sustainable craftmanship. Heather will be helping you learn to dye with natural plants, make your own yarn, and more.


Bodhi Vasilopoulos

Bodhi is passionate about all things plants- from identification & botany to harvesting sustainably, and prepare different wild edible foods throughout the seasons. His plant walks and presentations familiarize you to the local flora while providing nuggets of information on guerilla planting & propagation techniques. Join Bodhi for his classes on forest ecology. 


Marc J O'Connor 

Marc J O'Connor is a writer, tactical tracking and survival skills instructor. His instructional praxis is founded on preparing individuals as assets for their community and infrastructure development.


Eden Cornelius 

Eden has been teaching Earthskills in the DMV area for nearly a decade. Growing up homeschooled and immersed in nature, their passion was fueled by a hands on, DIY curriculum. From off grid living on an Island to a farm in upstate new york! With a background in multimedia art and youth leadership, Eden loves to share skills with all ages.

Eden's workshops cover a variety of skills, from friction fire starting and basket making to the intricate art of coal-burned spoon carving. 


Holland Hook

With over 12 years of seeking a deeper relationship with the natural world in various forms, Holland has come to embrace the value of animal foods and the myriad resources they provide. She recognizes the essential role these resources play in many of our lives. Eager to share this knowledge, Holland will be leading a workshop focused on utilizing beef tallow, guiding participants through its processing and transformation into everyday products. This workshop is designed to not only bring us closer to nature but also to impart sustainable practices that honor the cycle of life.


Jamie Byron

Jamie is an educator, arborist and forest farmer. He is passionate about exploring modes of forestry and agriculture that yield food and useful materials from forests, while fortifying the health and diversity of the forest ecosystem. In addition to practicing as a professional arborist and teaching homeschool courses, Jamie grazes a herd of cattle and goats in his 9 acre wood along the Potomac River.


Sweat Lodge Team

A dedicated group of ceremonialists who are committed to learning and practicing the ways of the Sweat Lodge Ceremony. Four Quarters' Sweat Lodge staff comprises three water pourers from various traditions, along with many students who cut wood, carry water, and sing along. Anyone can help, and everyone can pray—come see what it's all about!


Jillian-Taylor Stokes

JT Stokes has embraced an ethical and emergency response to a world in dire need of traditional ecological knowledge, rewilding, and simpler living. She has chosen to pursue a lifestyle of living lighter upon the land and in direct relationship with the resources needed to live well. She will be guiding us in a beginner's herbalism class and a discussion on reconnecting to nature-based spirituality through our daily walk in the world. 


Elias Schwartzman

Elias Schwartzman is an Washington DC-based freelance violinist, violist and mandolinist with years of performing experience. With a repertoire both broad and deep ranging from Baroque to Celtic to bluegrass to pop, he has a style to match any occasion. A musician since 5 years of age, he has studied with prominent violinists coast to coast and graduated from Oberlin College. A native Washingtonian, he performs solo as well as in collaboration with various local artists ranging from duo to full symphonic orchestra and across many genres.


Ken Crampton

Ken Crampton of  Everybody Drum, brings community connection through rhythm and arts experiences. Everybody Drum creates engaging and inclusive spaces where participants of all backgrounds can come together to explore the power of rhythm and collective expression. Ken’s passion for building community through the arts has made Everybody Drum a celebrated force for unity and inspiration. Learn about drumming, jam late night, and be inspired by Ken. Got a busted drum? Ken will be offering repair services.


Carrie Krystek 

Carrie has always been drawn to botanicals, gardening since she was 10. She enjoys drying and using herbs and florals in homage to our ancestors. She has studied the history of candlemaking and its uses in the lives of our ancestors.

Carrie enjoys learning the Old Ways of responsible living and delights in bringing these ancient arts through the mists of time to be used by everyone, every day! Join her in a hands-on candle-making workshop.

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