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At Four Quarters Farm & Interfaith Sanctuary
190 Walker Lane, Artemas, PA

    Our cherished gathering unfolds in the heart of Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary, affectionately known as Four Quarters Farm. This sacred space, enveloped by the natural beauty of the earth, serves as the perfect backdrop for Earth Skills Revival. Four Quarters is more than just a venue; it's a sanctuary where spirituality, community, and a deep respect for the earth converge.

    Our venue features hundreds of acres of rural land with plenty of space for camping, RV access, a bunk house, cabins for rent, and more. The hilltop labyrinth, circle of standing stones, and the protected Sideling Hill Creek are just a few of the features that make this land unique and serene. 


    With its commitment to sustainability, interfaith spirituality, and stewardship of the land, Four Quarters embodies the essence of our festival. It's a setting where every moment is an opportunity to grow closer to nature and each other, fostering an environment of respect, renewal, and revival. 

    Community meals will take place in our dining pavilion. Hot showers, laundry machines, and a simple coffee shop allow some creature comforts to be satisfied.
    Please come with cash and keep in mind that cell service may only be available on select parts of the land. 


    The Mountaintop Labyrinth
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