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Workshop Descriptions

Dyeing With Plants- Immerse yourself in the traditional craft of botanical dyeing. This hands-on workshop introduces you to the techniques for extracting vibrant colors from local flora to dye fibers and fabrics. Discover the joy of transforming plain materials into richly colored textiles using environmental-friendly processes. Bring your spun wool from the fiber spinning class or purchase a silk scarf to dye. Ages 12+
Silk scarf materials fee $10-20. Class by Heather Cornelius


Spinning Yarn- Harness the ancient art of yarn spinning in this introductory class. Learn how to twist raw fleece fibers into your own yarn using a drop spindle. Ideal for beginners, this class will give you a firsthand appreciation for the craft and leave you with the skills to start spinning at home. Ages 12+
Materials Fee $10. Class by Heather Cornelius

Making Felted Soap- Participants of all ages, especially children, will enjoy the process of felting natural fibers onto a bar of soap. This hands-on class not only teaches the basics of felting but also allows you to take home your own uniquely crafted felted soap. Learn how the soft wool transforms into a cozy cover for the soap, enhancing both its look and usability.
Suggested Materials Fee $5 Class by Heather Cornelius


Herbal Potions for Beginners- Dive into the world of herbalism with this beginner-friendly workshop. Learn to identify, harvest, and use common herbs to make teas, tinctures, and oxymels that promote health and wellness. This class is perfect for anyone looking to incorporate more natural products into their daily life. You will make an oxymel to take home with you. Materials fee $5-10 Class by Jillian-Taylor Stokes.

Making Tools from Bone- Explore the art of making traditional tools from deer leg bones in this concise workshop. Learn the techniques to shape awls, gouges, and needles, starting from selecting the right bones to processing and crafting them into functional items. Perfect for those interested in heritage crafts and sustainable practices, this session offers a hands-on experience to connect with ancient skills and create your own set of useful tools.
Materials fee $10 Class by Tipi Paul 

Teasel Blow Tube Making- This practical workshop focuses on the traditional skill of crafting and using a blow tube for effective fire tending. Participants will gain hands-on experience in selecting, preparing, and utilizing teasel, enhancing their outdoor survival skills with this unique natural tool. Class by Tipi Paul 

Essentials of Water Procurement- workshop to learn crucial skills for locating and purifying water in natural settings. Discover how to identify reliable water sources, efficiently collect water, and utilize different purification methods such as boiling, filtration, and chemical treatments. This hands-on workshop will empower you with the knowledge to safely secure drinking water in outdoor or survival situations. Class by Marc O'Conner


Essentials of Visual Tracking- Dive into the fundamentals of visual tracking for both urban and natural environments. This workshop teaches you to detect and interpret signs of people and animals, enhancing your ability to read subtle cues in diverse settings. Ideal for wildlife enthusiasts, emergency responders, or anyone interested in improving their observational skills, you'll learn practical techniques to track effectively in forests and cities alike. Gain a deeper awareness of your surroundings through hands-on learning and expert guidance. Class by Marc O'Conner

Making & Using Tallow- Discover the process of rendering tallow from animal fat and explore its uses in cooking, candle making, and natural skincare. This class will teach you the sustainable art of tallow making and provide practical tips for using this versatile product at home. Class by Holland Hook

Egg Basket Weaving- Master the traditional craft of weaving an egg basket from natural materials. This workshop will guide you through the techniques of shaping, weaving, and finishing a sturdy and beautiful basket, perfect for gathering eggs or as a charming addition to your home décor. Ages 12+ Materials fee $5-$30 Class by Eden Dawn Cornelius

Coal Burned Spoon Carving- Explore the unique craft of spoon carving using coal burning. This class teaches you how to hollow out spoons with hot coals and finish them with carving tools, resulting in beautiful, functional art pieces. Class by Eden Dawn Cornelius

Bow Drill Making & Friction Fire- Gain the primal skill of starting a fire using a bow drill. This workshop covers the creation of your own bow drill set from natural materials and the techniques to master friction-based fire making, a must-have survival skill. Ages 14+ Materials fee $5-$30 Class by Eden Dawn Cornelius

Botanical Printing- All ages welcome. Explore the colorful world of botanical printing in this hands-on workshop suitable for all ages. Participants will learn the intriguing process of transferring colors from plants onto fabric using a mordant dip technique. Understand which plants print well and why, delving into the science behind the natural dyes that bond with cloth. While there is a materials fee for those who wish to create a finished piece like a bandana or napkin, free squares of white sheet are available for everyone to practice and learn the skill without any additional cost. Rough Edge test cloth available to all attendees for free. Materials fee $5-20 for other materials. Class by Julie Biedrzycki

Natural Cordage (adults and kids age 8+)- This skill is one of the key prehistoric human technologies developed by our ancient ancestors during the paleolithic era over 25,000 years ago. Come learn to make cord from cattail and other plants. While we practice this skill together, we will discuss the many possibilities for material, processing, techniques, and a variety of applications. Class by Julie Biedrzycki

Natural Camouflage (all ages)- Be ready to get dirty on purpose! First we will use elements from the landscape around us to create our own natural camo outfits. Next we'll play some sneaking and hiding games to see how effective they are. Then we'll head for the creek to take a swim, wash it all away, and cool off! (Suggested attire is swimsuit under shorts, or tank top/Tshirt and shorts) Class by Julie Biedrzycki

Forest Gardening- Learn to design and implement a forest garden, which mimics a natural forest ecosystem but is designed to produce food, medicine, and other products. This class focuses on permaculture principles, plant selection, and layout strategies for creating a sustainable, low-maintenance garden.  Class by Bodhi Vasilopoulos

Plant and Mushroom Foraging Walk-Nature is abundant with food, medicine & more yet we have forgotten our ancient ways of working with the botanical and fungal relatives growing all around us. Learning about wild foods takes some time and focus but in the process we are rewarded with greater health, happiness, resilience and connection to the natural world. In this walk we will cover topics such as:

-Plant & mushroom identification
-How to harvest sustainably and prepare different wild edible foods throughout the seasons
-Basics of botany, mycology, field herbalism and medicinal preparations
-Planting & propagation techniques
-Agroforestry principles & practices
-Temperate ecology and more

Materials Fee: Donations Accepted; Class by Bodhi Vasilopoulos


Subsistence Agriculture: Growing Food Year Round- Discover techniques to extend your growing season and enjoy fresh produce year-round. This class covers many ways to help you maximize your garden’s productivity regardless of the climate. Class by Madison Hale

Holistic Forest Management- In this class we will walk the woods together and explore the diverse opportunities for harvesting food and materials from the forest, while discussing how we can develop a mutually beneficial relationship with the woods, and learning how to utilize our unique human skills and tools to increase the diversity and bolster the health of the forest ecosystem. Class by Jamie Byron

Fire Tending for Families- Caring for the village fire and the home hearth has been a sacred responsibility taught, honored, and handed down from the old to the young since the beginning of mankind. In this course we will explore this responsibility of tending the fire, with hands on fire making, safety and tending. All ages welcome. Class by Jamie Byron

Say it Play It! Beginning Drumming 101- Learn basic hand positions and sounding techniques to make your drum speak! Practices phrases that help improve your drumming and learn practices and help you to remember the rhythms! Class by Ken Crampton

Drum Repair Class- This hands-on workshop is designed for anyone looking to maintain and repair their drums. Learn from an expert the best methods to restore your drum and keep it sounding its best, whether it needs a simple tune-up or more extensive repairs. Repair supplies will be for sale and Ken Crampton will work with you 1-on-1 to repair your drum in a professional manner. Class by Ken Crampton

Cowbell Instrument 101- Embrace the rhythmic possibilities of the cowbell in this fun and interactive class. Learn different techniques to incorporate the cowbell into various music settings, enhancing your percussive repertoire. Class by Ken Crampton

Frog Bog- Perfect for families. Learn the magic of the woodblock scraper frog! Join in Frog Songs! Class by Ken Crampton


Candle Making Class- We will explore the evolution of lighting methods through history. From the simplicity of tallow-based candles in stone lamps, to the refinement of oil in clay lamps, and the rustic charm of rush dips, this class offers a fascinating journey through time. We will demonstrate how raw beeswax is carefully rendered down and prepared for crafting. Participants will learn the traditional method of hand-dipping candles, a skill that has illuminated human life for centuries. The highlight of the class will be the opportunity for each attendee to craft their own pair of beeswax taper candles to take home, embodying both the beauty and utility of this age-old craft. Materials Fee $5 Class by Carrie Krystek

Sweat Lodge Ceremony- Participate in a traditional sweat lodge ceremony, an experience that promotes physical detoxification and spiritual rejuvenation. Learn about the rituals involved and the significance of this sacred practice in fostering community and personal growth. Donations Accepted. Ceremony by Sweat Lodge Team

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